December 01, 2011

Week #2 - Drowning in 'Stuff'

So, I am self employed, now what?
2 weeks has passed by so far since I left my place of employment and it has been extremely stress free.  Both of my children are in school full time now, so I get them up, dressed and fed and we wait for the bus at the end of the laneway.  From 8:15-4:10 I have time for myself!
It seems like a lot of time, but once I get working away, or doing housework, it goes by so fast! I haven't been able to do much work on my business until now because our Internet was being temperamental, and it took a week and a half for them to figure out what was wrong and why our signal kept disappearing.  That's what I get for moving to the country!
Now it is full steam ahead.  I have been busy trying to book some work for over the winter, as this is usually the slow time for us photographers.  First to get my office unpacked and organized - no, I haven't finished that daunting task yet.  It's hard to believe how much 'stuff' you accumulate over the years!
Next week, I promise!
So, here is my 'before' picture:

So you can see that there is a little bit of everything crammed in here right now.  There's just enough room to walk to my desk.  Most of this stuff belongs somewhere else in the house, but I need to make room first and figure out where exactly to put it.  It was worse than this last week, but I'm not going to show you a picture.  There is a bookshelf off to the right as well that is full of 'stuff' as well.  I am drowning in 'stuff' right now!
I have my work cut out for me.  I can't imagine going to a 9-5 job anymore, I am busy enough here! 
On top of this, it is December 1st already, so now I need to put our Christmas tree up and find places to put decorations! The rest of the house isn't nearly as bad as this - it is neat and tidy because everything is crammed in my office.  
As you can see I have my work cut out for me, so back to it!

November 23, 2011

Not Just a New Chapter, A Whole New Book!

Well, Here I am, all moved in to a new house (to us) in the country! Us is my boyfriend and my 2 daughters (4 and 7).  We have been here for about 3 weeks now, and I couldn't be happier!  Everything seems to be falling into place.  My younger daughter was in part time Junior Kindergarten at her old school, and now that we moved she is now full time and she loves it!  She is also VERY easy to put to bed most nights, and she almost falls asleep on the bus ride home!  My 7 year old daughter missed her friends at first, but very quickly made new friends and fit right in.  My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 4 months.  I guess we are a bit crazy for moving in together so quick, but from my experience, I know a good thing when I have it.
Here is a little bit about me for some background:  I am 34, almost 35 (and dreading it!).  I was married at 25, and separated at 31, and we had 2 wonderful children together who now live with me, and visit their father every other weekend.  I had a boyfriend after we separated for almost 3 years, and he even lived with me for a while, but he was VERY immature and that faded out fast.  I am now with the most amazing guy ever.  Who knew!  We met on Plenty Of Fish, and I think we both knew as soon as we met that this was definitely going to go somewhere!  He is a bit younger than me, but more mature than most guys I have dated, and he loves and appreciates me.
I don't want to bore you with my very first blog post (once I decided what this blog was going to be about).  The big part of the whole story is that I have been trying to create a successful Photography business for a few years now and eventually go full time with it.  Well... the time has come!  I was just laid off from the place I worked for almost 9 years just a few days ago.  It couldn't have happened at a more perfect time and I am looking at it like a perfect opportunity.
So, almost 3 days into being self employed and loving it!  I am sure there will be struggles, but that is what makes it interesting and challenging.  I'm still not all unpacked from moving, and still trying to get organized so everything is going to progress slowly but surely!
So far, I am finding the days are going SO fast, but that's only because I make to do lists a mile long every day and think I can get it all done.  I will have to work on that!
Our House..  In the middle of nowhere..  So peaceful!
Here is my adventure into Entrepreneurship/Self Employment/WAHM etc.  Wish Me Luck!